Harbour Capital Chorus

Event Program, For 29/06/2020 - Monday Chorus Rehearsal

Event Start time: 7:30pm
Event Duration: 150
Start timeActivityMusicMinutesRun byDetails/Notes
7:30pmWarm-ups20Ross Gainsford 
7:50pmTeach Tag10Ross Gainsford 
8:00pmSection rehearsal25Blue Skies, Homeward Bound
8:25pmRehearse song20Antony CurringtonRemind ourselves how this one goes
8:45pmRehearse song20Antony CurringtonLook at the tag
9:05pmBreak15Supper: Laurence and Colin
9:20pmAnnouncements5Jamie LatornellSend any announcements to Jamie in advance please.
9:25pmRiser taping10Antony CurringtonRiser Taping - 3 run throughs
9:35pmRehearse song20Antony CurringtonWork through the last verse, then back to the beginning
9:55pmClosing song5Mark Trevean 
Program Duration: 150 minutes; Finish time: 10:00pm