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The Harbour Capital Chorus is an organization that consists of a number of performance ensembles to suit whatever event you're planning.

Full Performance Chorus

Our full performance chorus consists of 30-40 men.  If you've got a big stage to fill or a big event where you want to make an impact, then what better choice than the full chorus? The power, energy and excitement of the Harbour Capital Chorus sound along with our fully staged performance will amaze your audience every time!  In addition to providing the chorus, we can:
  • provide a full set of risers to perform on
  • liaise with your technical team about sound and lighting requirements
  • offer choices of attire to suit the formality of your occasion

Small Chorus or VLQ (Very Large Quartet)

Don't have the space for a full size group?  We can provide a smaller ensembles in order to create a more flexible performance, while still maintaining the core of what makes the HCC special.

Quartet(s) - the original barbershop format

If you are looking or a more intimate performance, or just like the idea of an actual quartet rather than a big group, HCC has options for you. Contact us to find out about the various groups we have available and which one (or more) suits your event best!

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